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How much does garage door repair cost

The ever important question of any home repair. “How much is this gonna cost me?”

Here we’ll talk about typical, average costs of common garage door and opener repairs. While we won’t touch on every repair, or a comprehensive repair, consisting of multiple issues, what we will discuss is the typical costs here in Kansas City among legitimate insured local garage door companies. All costs include labor and material. Every repair is different, just as is every garage door. This is just a guide to help you make sure you are not being taken advantage of by an out of state company.

Before we begin, we must talk about the difference between a service call and labor. Most local companies here in town will have a service call rate of $69-$99. This includes labor for up to 45 minutes usually. In other words, if your garage door opener, or garage door can be fixed safely without parts, this price range is typically your total.

Let’s start with the most common of all. The cost to replace garage door springs. There are two main spring systems. If your springs run along/above the horizontal track of your door, you have extension springs. Replacement of a set of these springs will run you anywhere from $130-$180. Now, if your springs run above the door/opening, you have torsion springs. These are little more complicated, however replacement of a set of torsion springs will set you back $200-$275. Some residential garage doors have commercial springs. These will obviously cost you more to replace.

Let’s visit cables, pulleys, end bearings next. Cables are a fairly simple fix, typically running between $120-$175. Same as the springs, cables differ from one springs system to the next. If your garage door has extension springs, you will have 4 pulleys. These will run you approximately $8 each, parts only, and are crucial to you door running smooth. Now, if you have torsion springs, you will have end bearings. These will run about $50 a set, parts only.

Section replacement. So, you hit your garage door with the car? It happens. We estimate that there are at least a dozen or so folks in Kansas City that hit their door everyday…so you’re not alone. This one is very dicey at best. With factors ranging from manufacturer, size, model, etc, it’s difficult to pinpoint any price range.  You’ll spend minimum $200 on a single wide section, including labor, regardless of the above factors. We have seen invoices topping out at $2000 for a few sections replaced. This particular job consisted of custom trim replacement on the outside of the door, which is still far less than a new door that style.

On to the garage door openers. There are several common issues with openers. The most common would be photo eye misalignment. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy fix, but will still set you back a service call fee, $69-$109. The next one would be a gear replacement. A stripped gear or worn bushings require replacement of the whole kit. Most commonly on Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Liftmaster openers. This will set you back $140-$180. After these two common issues, the most expensive fix would the circuit board of the opener. This will range from $190-$250, depending on the brand of opener you have.

Hope this helps guide you through your garage door fixes with your professional of choice. Always remember to ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Always shop local. And when in doubt, give us a call. State Line Door & Lift 816-616-8352.