What Garage Door Opener Should I Choose?

With technology advancing so quickly in today’s world, it can be overwhelming trying to choose anything electronic for your home. Selecting the best garage door opener is no different. Did you know that every Liftmaster garage door opener now comes with built in WiFi? You now have the ability to open and shut your garage door from anywhere. Of course, this is just an option if you choose to download the MyQ app.

So, where do we start? You can call a garage door repair expert for more information – but here is a good starting point for you.

First, we have to answer some basic questions on what you want or desire for your home.

Is noise an issue for you? Does your existing opener rattle your home? Can your neighbors hear you open and shut your garage door from down the block?

Yes? Then maybe we should look into a belt drive garage door opener. Liftmaster provides a good quality belt drive motor with the 8355 model. There are other belt drive models, but this is a good first option.

Nah, noise isn’t an issue? Then let’s save a few bucks and stick with a Liftmaster 8365 chain drive garage door opener. While not as quiet as the belt, this has some durability that will last.

Next, are you prone to power outages? When the weather gets bad, are you always worried about a power failure?

Yes? Then we need to look into a battery backup garage door opener. This allows for continued operation after a power failure, so you can get to work on time in the morning. In fact, the state of California recently passed a law requiring all garage door openers include battery back up systems.

Liftmaster options:

Belt drive: 8550w   Chain Drive: 8360w

Now, is space an issue in your garage? This may be determined by a garage door professional when space is limited and a typical trolley motor will not suffice. Here, there is just one option. The Liftmaster 8500w. The good news is that this comes with battery backup built in, along with WiFi.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing which Liftmaster garage door opener model to go with. Pricing varies greatly between all the models. The idea here is to simply decide what works with your budget and lifestyle. When you are ready to talk with expert garage door repairmen, give us a call at 816-616-8352!