About Us

The State Line Door & Lift Story

State Line Door & Lift arose out of a need for customized, personal attention to Kansas City area residents and their garage door needs.

While many companies in the area are able to provide good service, there was a striking gap between what consumers wanted and what garage door companies were providing. That want was time and attention. Someone to understand what it’s like to own a home, business, or properties. While spending over a decade working for others, I discovered that there was an insane demand for in-field technicians.

The boss wanted me to hurry up and get to the next job, just make it work, fix it and move on. The customer desperately had more questions and concerns, but business was business and I needed to keep my job…so I collected money and sped to the next job.

This was no way to treat folks. This was no way to treat technicians. But, unfortunately, this is the way the garage door industry works here in town.

So, after many years of undue stress on my family, my sanity, and my pocketbook, I decided in 2017 to make a move. I wanted to do things the right way. I wanted to treat people as if they were a close friend or relative. I wanted them to know everything they could possibly want to know about their garage doors and garage door openers.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Garage Door Needs