Which Garage Door Do I Choose?

Choosing the right residential garage door for your home has become one of the most complicated processes in recent years. From style, color, windows, curb appeal, it can easily become frustrating. So, let’s take this one little step at a time.

Today, let’s discuss our main line of garage doors, from Clopay Garage Doors. America’s #1 selling garage door. Yes, we install these.

With State Line Door & Lift, we start you with their Premium Series, or Classic Series. These are double sided steel doors, durable, insulated and impact resistant. There is just no reason go with anything less than this.

Do you want long panel or short panel? Odd question? It’s as simple as knowing if you want short squares across the front or long rectangles across the front. Don’t care? No worries…there’s no cost difference, it’s simple preference.

Next, we need to know how much insulation you want. The 4050 and 4053 models have a 6.5 R-value. This is good the family on the go, when you open and shut your doors several times a day and really have no need to keep rooms above your garage warm or cold.

The 4310 and 4300 models provide a tad more insulation with an R-value of 9. When upgrading your insulation, we typically will recommend skipping this level.

Now let’s discuss the 9130 series. These provide an R-value of 12.9. Clopay boasts it’s polyurethane insulation here…and it’s justified. This series will noticeably add comfort to the rooms above and next to your garage, even while operating your doors. There is a noticeable resistance to your kids ball hitting the door as well.

The cream of the crop is the 9200 series. I like to call this one a moving wall. It boasts an 18 R-value and is perfect for any home mechanic or garage woodshop…especially in the winter.

Now, with every level there is an obvious price increase, so make sure to ask questions and discuss with your spouse on your needs as a family. Let’s move on to colors!!!!

While Clopay provides the most common standard colors for most homes, keep in mind that all garage doors are paintable, so don’t stress over this part. Unless of course you want to go with an Ultra Grain color. These colors are designed to mimic a wood stain look. They are beautiful and made for zero upkeep. There is a cost difference, so make sure you’re matching you home colors.

Of course you’ll have more questions for us. Give us a shout or visit us on Facebook