Garage Door Spring Repair

At State Line Door & Lift, we are experts in all aspects of garage door maintenance, including repair, installation, and replacement. You’ll be glad to know that we work on both residential and commercial properties throughout the area. One of the services that we offer is garage door spring repair. If you run into the problem of a broken spring, you can count on us to work out the issue. When you choose our team, you will have access to our services and expertise when you need it most.

Trained and Knowledgeable Specialists

The garage door spring, also known as a torsion spring, is an essential element of the entire garage door system. It serves to counterbalance the weight of the door and works to open the garage door every time you open it. It is a powerful element of the garage door system and takes on a lot of strain as a door opener. No one understands the torsion spring and how important it is better than State Line Door & Lift in Kansas City.

Our employees are knowledgeable in all areas of garage door maintenance and extension springs. We make sure to handle your most pressing repair situations carefully and efficiently. With every service that we offer, we also deliver premium customer service. Our team is here to manage your garage door springs.

Quality Spring Repair

If you have a broken garage door, your springs may be the cause. If your broken garage door spring isn’t too severe, you may be able to fix the spring with a simple repair. Our team is known for our quick repair of garage door springs. We want to help you get back to using your garage door again.

If you want to learn how to repair garage door springs at home, we can also walk you through the process over the phone when you call. Our focus is on your safety and giving you the support you need, whether that’s simple advice or a full repair. We will also help you adjust a garage door spring if it is causing you trouble. This availability of reliable advice is accurate for many of the excellent services we offer.

Spring Installation

If you are installing a garage door, then ‘springs for garage door’ should be at the top of your to-find list. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. When it comes to the tricky process of installing garage doors, that’s one of our specialties.

Whether you’ve decided to put a garage door on your home for the very first time or you are replacing old garage doors, we can help you through the entire installation process, including the springs section. So if you are wondering how to install a garage door spring, look no further than our team at State Line.

Spring Replacement

If you are tired of your broken garage door, we will remove the old springs and replace them with new springs to address the issue. Garage doors springs last, on average, about ten years with proper maintenance. When you replace them with new springs, your broken garage will operate like new again.

If you want to learn how to replace garage door springs, we can get you a new door opener when you need it the most. Unsure whether you need to replace or only repair your torsion spring? When you call us, we will come out and assess the situation. We take pride in finding the best solution for your garage doors.

Affordable Options

We are a local garage door company is a professional company that makes an effort to give you the services you need at prices you can afford. Whether you need one spring, two, three, or a hundred, we will work with you to get the materials that you need to succeed. We find many people asking the question, “how much does it cost to fix a spring on a garage door?” The prices you might encounter at similar garage door companies can often seem sky-high. But with our company, you will only find the best deals.

We will never overcharge you for the parts and services we provide, unlike some of our competitors. Plus, we work within your budget to get your broken spring back to where it needs to be. Replacing torsion springs and tension cables for garage doors don’t need to break the bank.

Your garage door is an essential resource that you use every day. It is the first line of defense that protects the items you store inside it from theft. It will also shield your car from heavy weather, and for many people, it is how they enter their homes. An issue in this space can present inconvenience and risk, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins. Don’t leave your valuable possession and your family’s safety to chance. If you need maintenance, give your local Kansas City team at State Line a call.

Here to Answer Your Questions

We understand that your garage door opener, aka those little torsion devices, can seem confusing. That is why besides our team coming out to your property to repair your torsion springs, we can help you learn more about them so you can fix them yourself.

You can call us with any major questions you have regarding your garage door. We are more than happy to answer your questions, get you going in the right direction, and save you a visit. And anything you can’t do on you’re own? Expect us there and ready to work when you need us.

Some of the most common questions that we get from our customers for garage doors include:

How Do I Open a Garage Door with a Broken Spring?

When your spring breaks, it interferes with your ability to enter and exit your garage properly. Many people wonder if it is possible to operate the door if that door doesn’t have working garage door springs. It may be possible to open your door while utilizing manual methods. However, it would be extremely inefficient and potentially dangerous. Without the correct counterweight, the system may come crashing down as you walk under it. Trying to open your door without the assistance of that specialized garage door opener element will be tiring, frustrating, and risky.

Is It Dangerous to Replace a Garage Door Spring on My Own?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the answer is yes; it can be dangerous. You should approach advanced machinery of any kind with caution and careful consideration. Always wear protective clothing and use the right equipment. But if you are consistent and follow the correct steps in the proper order, you shouldn’t run into any serious issues.

If you have concerns about your safety, you should never hesitate to turn to a professional like us to do the job. No project is worth putting your well-being at risk. Our team members at State Line Door & Lift can safely repair and replace your garage door opener.

How Many Turns Are on a Garage Door Spring?

When it comes to fixing this particular unit, it is critical to understand how it works. One of the most vital elements to understand is the turn ratio. To determine how many turns it needs, you will need to measure how tall your door is from the floor of the garage to the top.

Once you know the height, you can determine the number of full revolutions a spring needs. Usually, this comes to one revolution for every foot of height. Each revolution that you need will consist of 4 quarter turns on the garage door springs. This tightening process is where your winding bar will come in handy. When you wind, always keep a steady hand.

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If you are tired of dealing with your broken garage door spring, then get in touch with your local garage repairmen at State Line Door & Lift. You can depend on our garage door services to get your property working like new. We will handle your situation with professionalism and precision every time. When your spring breaks, let us be your garage door repair experts. Call us today for your Kansas City garage door solutions.