Are Garage Doors Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

If you’ve ever filed a claim on your homeowners insurance, you understand how important it is to have the best coverage available. When damage occurs that’s covered by your homeowners insurance, the coverage can be a huge help. You should use your insurance for catastrophic type of claims, but there are some situations where your garage doors are covered under your home insurance

Like any type of insurance, with all homeowners insurance policies, particular things are covered, and more importantly, many others that are not depending on the type of policy you purchased. If your garage door gets damaged, you may be wondering if you can use your homeowners insurance policy. The short answer is yes, home insurance garage door repair can be covered, but not in all situations. Below are some concerns you may be asking yourself about filing an insurance claim for garage doors.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair?

There isn’t a simple, yes or no answer to this question because it depends on the type of policy you purchased and the situation that caused the damage to your garage door. Some mishaps are covered by home insurance while others aren’t, so you’ll require to understand some info.

First, you need to examine your coverage before filing your claim. Two different homeowners insurance policies might not cover the exact same damage to your garage door because of the differences between the policies. A single person may pay more monthly to get more comprehensive coverage, or the company uses a broader type of insurance policy.

“Not all home insurance policies are created equal. Most people don’t understand what is covered by homeowners insurance and believe they are all the same. The worst part is they don’t know they made a mistake until they file a claim for damage and then find out they have coverage issues at that time. We suggest that individuals work with an independent agent to review their homeowners policy and help them find one that suits their needs from the many insurance companies they work with.”
~ Travis Gensler, Beacon Point Insurance Group

Specific kind of perils or damage claims your homeowners insurance should cover garage doors repair:

  • In the case of a fire
  • an accident that was out of your control, like a hit-and-run
  • other types of natural disasters like a lightning strike during a thunderstorm storm

You can file a claim with your home insurance company and get some aid to help with the garage doors repair costs, but keep in mind that you will also be responsible for any cost below your deductible.

Keep in mind that natural disasters such as flood damage and earthquake damage are not covered under standard home insurance policies without adding an endorsement. Talk to your independent insurance agent if it makes sense for you to purchase these coverages.

If the garage door damage is simply from regular wear and tear, your claim will most likely be declined by the insurance company. As a homeowner, you do need to cover the repair and maintenance for your home out of pocket in this situation. Insurance companies expect the homeowner to look after and maintain their own house into account with their policies.

Many of us have experienced a hectic early morning, we’re rushing out of our houses, and we’re feeling scatter-brained, next thing you know you forgot to open the garage door and backed right up into it. Or you’re returning home, the door isn’t opening as rapidly as you guessed, and you scrape the bottom garage door panel as you pull into your garage. Accidents happen. That’s what insurance is for! Typically, this situation is covered under homeowners insurance, however damage to your vehicle is covered by your auto insurance so you might find yourself with two claims in this scenario.

Even though some of these types of garage door repair might not be covered by your home insurance policy, a different type of insurance could provide cover garage doors.

Does Car Insurance Cover When Someone Hits a Garage Door?

If somebody else harms your garage door with their vehicle, you may have the ability to file a claim with the car insurance company.

In one of these circumstances or any other that involves your vehicle and damage to your garage door, you might have the ability to cover the expenses to fix the door by submitting an insurance claim. When your garage door gets harmed or broken, you’ll wish to have it fixed as soon as possible. Select State Line Door & Lift to look after any of your garage door repair work and maintenance needs.

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What if Someone Crashes Into Your Garage Door?

Automobile insurance policies differ from one state to another; however, all states require drivers to be insured with liability coverage at a minimum, which covers the costs of damage that motorists cause to property of others. As such, garage door damage is normally covered in full or in part under a lot of automobile insurance policies. Nevertheless, there are cases where somebody might strike your garage door without auto insurance, but you might not be able to hold them accountable for the damages because they don’t have insurance. Therefore, the concern must be broken down into what to do in numerous circumstances, depending upon whether the driver does or does not have insurance.

Will Their Car Insurance Cover the Damage?

If a drunk or otherwise negligent driver drifts off the road and crashes into your garage door, the damage should mainly be covered under his/her liability insurance portion of their auto insurance policy. Nevertheless, make sure to file a police report to help assist with the driver who must have auto insurance or other assets for you to collect any cash to cover the cost of the damages. If your home is hit by an undocumented person your homeowners insurance will cover the part of your home that is damaged.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover the Damage?

When the expense of garage door damage surpasses the coverage provided by the negligent party’s insurance company, your homeowners insurance will cover the additional amount. If the negligent person is uninsured, your property owner’s insurance will need to cover most or all of the damage to your garage door. Do remember that insurance doesn’t always cover the full amount, regardless of whether you bring into play automobile insurance, homeowners insurance or both.

Under What Circumstances Is it Best to File a Claim on your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

In most scenarios, you should claim as much as possible to cover the garage door repairs. However, there are limitations to how much an offered policy will cover when it comes to garage door damage. Sometimes, such as when you must rely solely on homeowners insurance, the deductibles may surpass the amount of coverage that you ‘d really receive for door replacement. Therefore, it’s finest to weigh the advantages of any claim that doesn’t promise to totally cover the damage to your garage door, specifically if the claim is on your homeowners insurance.

When Is it Best to Pay Out of Pocket?

If the damage to your door is small, it is best to pay for repairs upfront and pass up the alternative of getting insurance companies involved. Similarly, if you ‘d wind up paying deductibles that account for many of the garage door repair work costs, you might be much better off not making any claim, specifically if doing so will just trigger the premiums on your homeowner’s insurance to increase. Filing a claim might also be reckless in circumstances where:

  • The garage door was currently in poor condition.
  • You’ve currently filed one or more claims on property damage within the past year.
  • You’re behind on your insurance premiums.

Your best bet is to call State Line Door & Lift to assist with any garage door repairs when you are trying to decide if you should file a claim on your homeowners insurance.