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The Next Garage Door Opener Evolution​​

SOMMER evo+ is the newest garage door opener to come into the Kansas City area. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You can only get this here at State Line Door & Lift. We are the SOMMER Dealer of Kansas City.


The Evo+ is a chain driven garage door opener that is more quiet than any belt drive opener on the market. This is due to the unique design of only one moving part, the sprocket in the motor. The motor is attached to the carriage, and travels along the rail as the door operates. This provides the smoothest operation of any garage door opener on the market.

While other openers operate in the 300Mhz range, SOMMER operates at 922Mhz. This eliminates the phantom and intermittent operation of other garage door openers.

Add on attachments:

There are countless add on attachments available. The beautiful thing about this opener, is that you can add these post installation, without purchasing an entire new opener.

  • Battery backup
  • Wifi phone capability
  • Humidity detection
  • LED light attachment
  • Motion sensor


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